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What is a Saurus Account?

Saurus is a UK-based virtual banking startup, reinventing virtual and industrial banking, easy and simple.

Which currencies can I spend and use with the Saurus app?

Your Euros (EUR) or Pounds Sterling (GBP) cash could be via charge transfer or your Saurus.Com Prepaid Mastercard (hereinafter Card or Saurus.Com Card) for your NATIVE foreign money. For example in case you live in a country in Europe (for instance Spain) your Card forex is EUR but in case you live in the UK your Card currency is GBP.

To spend any of your currencies (EUR or GBP) along with your related Card you want to make certain that you switch price range on your NATIVE forex into the Card account or in case you no longer have enough budget on your NATIVE forex then you can use the FX facility when you have some other currency available to FX that currency into NATIVE currency and then switch the amount you desire of your available FX NATIVE budget into your Card account.

If your account type has an auto top-up feature from your cutting-edge account to your NATIVE currency then you can prompt it such that your Card vehicle tops up with a default or selected quantity, but always restricted through the quantity of budget you have available in your cutting-edge account NATIVE foreign money.

Buy Saurus Verified Accounts

Can I open a Private account using the Saurus app?

Yes, you could practice for a Private account (EUR and/or GBP modern-day account) in the Saurus App in minutes and normally you will get hold of an account approval within a minute or much less on average when you complete the method, so please be a chunk affected person on the quit of the KYC process and look ahead to a response at the App screen and by email.

Be cautioned that you should be resident in Europe (any EEA United States or UK) and be +18 years old besides for UK residents +sixteen years old.

Where can I pay using the Saurus app and Card?

You will pay with the Suarus.Com Card, related to your Saurus App account, in maximum shops at home and overseas and online merchants. You also can simply pay with the aid of creating a fee switch from your EUR or GBP present-day account directly from inside your Saurus app account.

If you have got a GBP nearby-modern account & sort code then you may make charge transfers using Faster Pay or with the aid of Direct Debit.

If you have a EUR IBAN-current account then you could make charge transfers with the usage of SEPA or with the aid of Direct Debit.

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    High-quality service, All Accounts are helpful for our business. Thanks, services team

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